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Lights Out

Lights Out


A 33 minutes skate video, with parts of Ian Waelder, Miguel Urbina, Miki Jaume, Lolo Cosmelli and friends.

Is the second long-length video that we do, just 5 years after the previous.

Sa Feixina Reborn

Sa Feixina Reborn


First Arrovf Media long video.

Its duration is 42 minutes and it shows:
Alberto Roldán, Fernando Medina, Miguel Pérez, Alejandro Arroyo, Mounir Boutaour, Pelayo Ruiz, Miki Jaume, Lolo Cosmelli, Ángel Caamaño, Carlos Albendea and many more.

Footage of 2004 and 2005.


Skate BBQ Porto Cristo

Skate BBQ Porto Cristo, skate video

Video of the first "Skate BBQ Porto Cristo".

Aitor in Levante

Aitor in Levante, skate video

Short video, Aitor in the Denia and Alcoy Skateparks.

10 Wasted Years

10 Wasted Years, skate video

Arrovf Media 10 aniversary video, 2004/2014 recopilation.

Doomed Souls

Doomed Souls, skate video

A 5 minutes length video with a lot of street tricks.

DIY: Build cruiser recycling old decks

DIY: Build cruiser recycling old decks, skate video

We show how to build cruisers from old decks.